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MeetMeApp, the easiest way to meet up with friends and family and organise events on your phone! Simply set the meet location and time, select the people you want to meet, and hit send. See in real time who has accepted or rejected the meet request and who hasn't responded yet. Chat with all the people invited to the meet in a group chat scenario.

Receive location updates of people going to the meet. 1 hour before the scheduled meet time, location information will be shared with all meet participants. Know who's on their way, who's running late or who's at the meet location already. No more texting trying to find out how far away someone is or how much longer until they arrive! Simply select the meets 'Where Is Everyone' function to see in real time where the people you're meeting are.

Whether you're organising a party, sending game times to your team mates, going to the pub to watch the football, meeting up for a coffee, meeting at a club, organising a business meeting or going for a surf. Whatever the occasion MeetApp is the perfect app for all kinds of meetings and get togethers.

PHONE NUMBER BASED - No need to search for your friends, they're automatically added from your phones address book (uses email address as a backup if phone number match fails)

CHAT - Talk privately to a selected group about a meet if you don't want to share with the whole meet group

INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS - Recieve notifications when a meet invitation or chat notification is sent

LOCATION INFORMATION - See the location of other meet participants 1 hour before and up to 5 hours after a meet!

For support, suggestions or to let us know your thoughts - www.mobileappme.com/meetmeapp/forum.aspx

For help using the app - www.mobileappme.com/meetmeapp/guide.aspx